One on one for a full hour with your Doctor, every visit.

A customized plan specifically designed for you, based off your unique injury.

Transparency in what you pay and what you get. No hidden costs or unexpected bills.

No questions unanswered, we’re available for you. Get an answer directly from your Doctor.

Meet The Team

Kingsley is the founder of Evolve to Perform Physiotherapy on Long Island, NY and is also a member of The Ready State staff.

As an undersized “husky” kid who loved to play sports, Kingsley was always obsessed with improving athleticism and fitness. Movement was always in his DNA. However, his passion for sports led to chronic, overuse injuries that often sidelined him as a youngster.

It also filled him with a strong desire to want to help others avoid and prevent these situations and excel.

Kingsley believes that overall wellness – being fit and pain-free, is attainable, no matter what age you are. He has the unwavering optimism that we all can do something today to create a better version of ourselves.

Kingsley earned his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Stony Brook University in 2008. He also earned his Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training from Hofstra University – where he completed his Athletic Training clinical requirements with Division I Level football, wrestling, lacrosse, softball and field hockey and then went on to serve as an ATC for several prominent Long Island high schools.

Whether he’s working with an athlete, treating sports-related injuries or the everyday individual who wants to optimize the quality of their life, Kingsley has this goal in mind: promote and influence the body’s natural ability to heal, re-learn and be savage.

In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family. He has been married to his wife, Christina – who is a Physicians Assistant and Integrative Medicine practitioner, since 2005. Together, they have 3 children – Isabella, Kingsley II and Sophia. He also enjoys Crossfit, running and anything Star Wars related.

He is also a Certified Pose Method Running Technique Specialist and Certified TRX Sports Medicine Instructor.

Kingsley Yew



You arrive for your appointment, make yourself comfortable, and then someone sets you up on a modality like a hot pack, cold pack or electrical stimulation for 10-15 minutes. After that, your physical therapist stretches you for 15 minutes, hands you off to an assistant or aid to complete your exercises and you most likely won’t see your PT again until you’re walking out the door or until the next session.

Sound familiar? Although there aren’t any statistics on the national average of time that physical therapists spend with their patient per hour, it is safe to say that less than 50% of your session is spent under the direct hands on care or supervision of a physical therapist. Our practice was created so that your entire session is spent with a Doctor of Physical Therapy so that your problems get solved faster.



If you’ve ever been to your run of the mill physical therapy clinic, you may not ever work with the same Doctor from visit to visit. It’s like going to the barbershop and getting the same haircut from a different barber. We value your trust and believe that consistency is a key to cultivating a strong rapport and successful outcomes.



At EvolveToPerform, we practice what we preach. We take pride in understanding the challenges of the rehabilitation process, the rigors of training for a sport and the demands of balancing general physical fitness with real life. Movement literacy, movement competency and exercise is an integral part of our lifestyle.