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Evolve To Perform is a performance Physical Therapy practice located in Farmingdale, NY.

We help active New Yorkers get back to an active lifestyle and out of pain without the need for unnecessary surgery or pain medication.

About Evolve To Perform

Have you ever been told that you have to stop to doing something that you love and enjoy due to an injury or recurring pain? Do you miss running, squatting and sports?

If you feel that there’s something wrong in accepting this as your new normal, then Evolve To Perform is for you.

Our goal is to treat the root cause of your movement issues, to equip you with the tools to be active again and to keep you moving for life.

Our practice is tailored to the individual who is dedicated to investing the time and effort to defy the new normal.

Evolve to Perform. Evolve to be You.

Get the quality one-to-one care you need to get back to living your life.

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